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@ Cape CrossFit, Cape Town

With Jason


15 Minutes to lift to a heavy deadlift – 110kg (?)

21-15-9 reps of:
225-pound Deadlifts
Handstand Push Ups

Scaled to 70kg
HSPU using box


Went light to play safe because of speaking gig tomorrow


@ Hilton @ Durban

DB Chest Press

*Supserset 5 Pullups

Don feel the need to hold back

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@ Maslow Hotel, Johannesburg

DB Chest Press

DB Row
5×12 @ 14kg
Superset 15 Pushups


@ Maslow Hotel, Sandton

50 Single Leg Squats

DB Front Squats


@ Maslow Hotel, Sandton

p90x Shoulders & Arms


@ Maslow Hotel, Johannesburg

DB Chest Press

*Superset 10 Pushups

He said DCNR biologists did not observe any dead or distressed

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@Hilton, Singapore

Still semi sore from 500 pushups

Bench Press
10×10 @40kg


@Hilton, Singapore

Leg Press

*Sub 5 Pullups