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Bench Press

3 Rounds
Strict Pull Ups
Bar Dips
12 12, 8 12, 9 12

Row 1km

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Day 1 M Stak

Back Squats

@ 55kg

Superset 5 Pull Ups



Bench Press

Russian Swings @ 32kg
Box Jumps @ 23″


Turkish Getups
5 minutes @ 16kg

Hang Power Clean
15 Minutes – 50kg

Hang Power Clean @ 45kg
CTB Pullups

17:23 (At least 8 no reps, need to brush up on form)

Home Capital adjusted earnings per share were 58 cents for the

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Back Squats

Shoulder Press

50 Strict Pull Ups
50 Ring Dips

3 Rounds
500m Row
15 Wall Balls

60 Seconds Hallow Hold


@ Crown Metropol, Melbourne

Bench Press
10×10 @ 40kg

Rushing to check out


@Crown Metropol, Melbourne

p90X Shoulders & Arms
12kg & 8kg DB

Ab Ripper X


AM @ Continental Hotel, Melbourne

DB Chest Press

DB Chest Press

PM @ Crown Metropol

Bear Complex
@ 15:15