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p90x – Shoulders & Arms


Back Squats

5×5 (P)


5×10 (C)


5 Strict Pull Ups between sets

If I could just manage to feel semi OK and not in constant

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Eleanorina is right: Use your large muscle groups to lift and move heavy things. Then eat when you hungry. The more you use your muscles, the hungrier you will be. And I would value hearing your thoughts (whatever they may be) and guidance, as I get my bearings.” The first Ellie submission deadline was Nov.


Gym@ Hilton Opera, Hanoi

Row 1km

Lat Pulldown, Machine

Chest Press, Machine

Look for something that looks like this

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Back Squats

7√ó3 (P)

5×10 (C)
@ 55kg



p90x Chest & Back


Back Squats


PR: 5 rep max @ 100kg. Previous 95kg.


Mini Cindy (10 Minutes)


Gym @ Conrad Singapore

Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps

12.5kg & 7.5kg DB


Gym @ Hilton Singapore

Row 1km

DB Chest Press

Strict Pullups

Rushing for Wealth Summit.