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Back Squats

Back Squats
5×10 @ 55kg


Back Squats
70-80-90-95-100 (easy’ish)

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95-pound Thruster

Thruster @ 40kg



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It turns out to be anything but difficult to lose yourself in

8 democratic presidential candidates advocate for gun safety in new video

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Chest Press

Back Row Machine

*Superset 10 x Inclined Pushups

You can expect to find the Easter Bunny

Bob Baffert Looks For Record Breaking Eighth Preakness Win With Favorite Improbable

Best Family Events For Easter In ConnecticutThe somber days of Lent end with the celebration of Easter, a holiday wrapped in symbols of canada goose outlet black friday spring and new life. This year, Canada Goose Parka Easter Sunday falls on April 1, and family orientated celebrations will be held throughout Connecticut. Most events involve eggs, decorating them, rolling them and hunting for them activities to entertain and delight the young canada goose outlet nyc and not so young. You can expect to find the Easter Bunny, a symbol of abundant life, playing a central role in this round up of local Easter celebrations.

Best Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick Day In ConnecticutSpring is ushered in each year with St. Patrick’s Day and the wearing of the canada goose outlet online green. On March 17, everyone is Irish and ready to raise a pint to honor Ireland’s patron saint. Parades, Celtic music and traditional Irish food make buy canada goose jacket up the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations throughout the state. Here’s our roundup of not to miss St. canada goose outlet store Pat’s events in Connecticut.

Best Locally Owned Coffee Shops In ConnecticutWhenever you need a java fix, a Starbucks is usually close by, but you should first look for one of the state many locally owned coffeehouses.

Best Ways To Support Connecticut Local Art ScenePolitics come and go, but art remains the enduring expression of who we are. Artistic communities thrive throughout Connecticut, strengthening local economies and uniting people of diverse backgrounds.

Best Crafty Classes In ConnecticutLearning a new skill, connecting with and focusing on a creative project, will deepen your self awareness, develop your problem solving skills, build your brain power with new neural pathways and reward you with a sense of satisfaction at having created something new. Reaping these benefits can start with registration in a class or workshop at one of these Connecticut art centers.

Best Healthy Breakfasts In ConnecticutHere are the best places to begin your morning.

Final Four Guide: Top 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots In Downtown canada goose outlet MinneapolisWith thousands of Final Four fans heading to downtown Minneapolis in the coming days, you better believe the Instagram filters will be flying.

Final Four Guide: Best Breweries To Visit While You In MinneapolisBeer lovers visiting Minneapolis for the Final Four won’t have to go far to find Minnesota’s most beloved beers. Bank Stadium and you’ll probably find a bar or restaurant serving craft beers from the Twin Cities, the uk canada goose outlet North Shore and other parts of “The Land of 10,000 Beers.” But for hop heads seeking a more direct experience of the state’s brewing culture, there are a few places that need to be on your radar, because they’re well worth the Lyft ride. Bank StadiumIn Minneapolis for the Final Four and want to try the restaurants where Minneapolitans love to eat? Look no further. Bank Stadium.

Final Four uk canada goose Guide: 10 Fun Things To Check Out In The Twin CitiesWelcome, NCAA fans! Here are some great activities, scenic spots and just awesome places to check out in the Twin Cities. Of course, there are a ton more things to see and do, but this is a diverse sampling and great start to checking out what the cities have to offer.

Final Four Guide: Best Places To View The CityThe NCAA Final Four tournament is upon us, and what better way to prove you made the trip north to Minneapolis than to snap a shot of the city one of a kind skyline? Take a look at the list below for the best places to get a view of the city.

With many of the top finishers from the dramatic Kentucky Derby bypassing Saturday Preakness Stakes, the 144th edition appears to be a wide open, competitive race.

Country House, awarded the Derby win after Maximum Security was disqualified for interference, is sidelined with an illness. It the first time a Derby winner hasn run in the Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown since 1996 when Grindstone was retired with an injury.

Maximum Canada Goose cheap canada goose Jackets Security, who crossed the finish line first in the Derby but was placed 17th by the stewards, is now stabled at Monmouth Park, with his next race undetermined.

Four who competed in the Derby move on to Baltimore: Improbable (fourth), War of Will (seventh), Win Win Win canada goose factory sale (ninth) and Bodexpress (13th).

The slight cutback in distance to 1 3/16 miles could benefit favorite Improbable, who would give trainer Bob Baffert a record breaking eight Preakness wins. Improbable also gets a boost with veteran Triple Crown winning jockey Mike Smith aboard.

Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The key for the flashy chestnut with the recognizable blaze is a clean break and a fast start. With his mid pack running style, he could get an optimal spot tracking the pace.

Of Baffert seven Preakness victors, goose outlet canada Point Given (2001) and Lookin at canada goose Lucky (2010) both won after Derby losses.

War of Will, who emerged from an eventful Derby trip relatively unscathed, will once again be running from the rail. Navigating from the rail in the Derby where he broke canada goose uk outlet from stall No. 2 canada goose outlet canada the colt and jockey Tyler Gaffalione were directly behind Maximum Security in the stretch when the stewards cited infraction occurred. The athletic son of War Front, trained by Mark Casse, was forced to expend energy early because of the inside post. This distance should be ideal for the hard luck colt.

Win Win Win, who wasn a factor with a wide trip in the Derby, now must deal with starting all the way on the outside after drawing the 13th post position on Wednesday. Prior to the Derby, he was not worse than third in six starts.

Bodexpress seeks to be the first maiden a winless horse to reach the Preakness winner circle since Refund in 1888. The Florida Derby runner up will have Hall of Fame jockey John Velazquez in the irons.

The most intriguing of the canada goose black friday sale non Derby contenders is locally based Alwaysmining. The gelding, who seeks to be the first Maryland bred to win the Preakness since cheap canada goose Deputed Testamony in 1983, boasts a six race win streak. Most of his wins have come in wire to wire fashion, so look for the Kelly Rubley trainee to canada goose outlet store uk be a prominent pace factor in his graded stakes debut.

Along with Alwaysmining, there pace aplenty as the Brad Cox trained Warrior Charge, winner of two straight, and Anothertwistafate will likely be forwardly placed. Two time Preakness winning jockey Javier Castellano will be aboard Warrior Charge for the first time.

Cox other Preakness entry, Lexington Stakes winner Owendale, appears sharp off a layoff with a brilliant bullet work the fastest at that distance on that day at Churchill Downs on May 11.

Also fresh off a layoff will be Bourbon War, fourth in the Florida Derby on March 30 canada goose outlet toronto factory in his last race. The well bred Mark Hennig runner has closed from far off the pace in his last three races and is adding blinkers for the Preakness. But don expect a change in style. Hennig said the equipment change is not to encourage speed, but rather to increase the colt focus.

Six time Preakness winning trainer D. Wayne Lukas will send longshot Market King to the gate. Although 11th in the Blue Grass Stakes in his most recent start, the colt was third behind Omaha Beach the Derby favorite until scratched and champion Game Winner in the Rebel Stakes.

Last year, the Lukas trained Bravazo was discounted at 15 1 but finished canada goose outlet parka just a half length behind eventual Triple Crown champion Justify.

Market King is in experienced hands as Lukas, 83, teams up with the oldest jockey to ride in the Kentucky Derby, 58 year old Jon Court.


Pushmore 12 Days of Christmas

1 Deadlift @ 125kb
2 Rope Climbs
3 Overhead Squats @ 45kg
4 Boxjumps @ 23″
6 Toes to Bar
7 Burpees
8 Pullups
9 Wall Balls @ 10kg
10 Shoulder to Overhead @ 45kg
11 KB Swings @ 24kg
12 Thrusters @ 45kg

* 40 minute Time Cap

9R +8+7+6+5+4


Back Squats

Back Squats


Back Squats


Chest Press