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WOD 063012

CrossFit South, San Francisco, CA

Strength Menu:

Power Snatch 6×2
65 Lbs


4 Rounds of:
200 m run
10 Dive Bombers
16 KB swings 35lbs

Time: 11:05

WOD 062912-2

NorCal Crossfit, Santa Clara, CA

Achievement unlocked. 2 WODs in a day!

Jason Khalipa’s not in again 🙁


3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Overhead Squats 45 Lbs
7 x  Glute Hamstring Developer in between reps

WOD 062912-1

CrossFit Central, Santa Cruz, CA

Trained by Annie Sakamoto! Energy bunny. Constantly laughing.

Shit load of double unders that were broken. And didn’t count.

WOD 062812

CrossFit Ready, Santa Cruz, CA

Warm Up:

200m Run
10m High Knees
10m Butt Kicks
10m Frankenstein Walks
15 Squats

x 2 Rounds

Strength Menu:

1-1-1-1-1 Power Cleans
93 Lbs


1) 5 Minute AMRAP Rowing
20 Second Row, 10 Second Rest
975 meters

2) 6 Minute Prowlers 90 Lbs
20 Second Prowler, 40 Second Rest

3) Toes to Bar
20 Seconds 10 Seconds Rest x 4 Rounds

WOD 062712

NorCal Crossfit, San Jose, CA

Home of Jason Khalipaaaaa! He wasn’t in that day 🙁

Loud music. High energy. Perfect.

Warm Up:

400m Run

With 15Lbs Plate, 12 minutes of:

Good Mornings
Lying Down Arm Extensions
Sit Ups
Ring Rows
30 x Double Unders


10 Minutes AMRAP

Every minute 2 power cleans and as many burpee pull up as possible.

85 lbs power cleans
20 burpee pulls ups

WOD 061912

Valley CrossFit, Los Angeles

With Valley Girls; Kristan Clever and Becca Voight

500 Single Skips
3 Rounds of
12 lbs Turkish Get Ups x 4
12 lbs Lunges x 10
500 Single Skips

23 Minutes DNF
3rd Round of lunges